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After beef week 2021 Station Innovation realized that there was a popular new technology becoming available to track and monitor the location of your cattle. Battery and solar powered GPS ear tags. Some of these tags require purpose built towers to collect the data whereas we thought to ourselves why couln't the EcoSAT be used to collect the data? And so we got to work adding the capability to the EcoSAT monitor (which already includes UHF). By doing so we have allowed the EcoSAT tank monitor to also function as a listener, reporting the location of nearby tags.

In parallel with this, Ceres tags approached us to become a software partner. By adding Ceres tags to the system at the same time we are uniquely able to offer both the cheaper and higher density animal tracking tags (UHF) as well as remote long range tracking tags that will work anywhwere by using satellite without the need for any additional hardware at all. And all of this happens in the same place as your tank monitoring making the EcoSAT system even more powerful for you.

So why use tags?

By tracking your cattle with GPS ear tags you can see which watering points are their favorites, how much of the paddock they are they grazing, have they gotten out and even detect problems. For example, "Why are the cattle all hanging around that one watering point?"

What are the costs?

There is a lot of variation in the costs. This is largely due to the fact that the tags each have their own advantages and applications where they are best suited. You should consider carefully which ones are right for you before choosing. If you would like to discuss these products in more details call Station Innovation on 1300-781-134.

What do I get out of a tag?

The EcoSAT website allows you to draw an area of any shape or size. You can then designate areas that each tag either may remain within or must stay out of. As soon as a GPS location is detected where it is not supposed to be you can setup the system to send you an email or SMS alert allowing you to take action as early as possible.


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