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Automated rain gauge

Automated rain gauge



Want to know exactly where and exactly how much rain is falling on your field without having to get in the ute to go and find out?

Now you can get even more value from your EcoSAT.

It takes under 2 minutes to install an automated rain gauge, which is linked directly to your EcoSAT. But over time, it can save you hundreds of hours of driving and monitoring rainfall. 

Our automated rain gauges capture and record accurate rainfall data anywhere around your property, letting you know the outcome of any rain events immediately. This data logger system can help plan the location of tanks and troughs, the likelihood of grass emerging for feeding livestock, and more.

It's like having access to your own weather station at a glance from wherever you are. And it means there's one less task for you to do out on the property.

  • See what rain are you getting in the field remotely.

  • Records the amount of rainfall over a set period of time and sends data via satellite or 3G/4G to the QuickSmart Map & Web platform.

  • The portable construction and rugged design allow you to deploy the product where you need it today.

  • Get notified when rain is hitting the ground.

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EcoSAT Rain Gauge
Rain Gauge

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