The all new EcoSAT MINI 

FIND OUT WHAT ECOSAT can do for you!

Not every land owner wants all the features of the future. Sometimes you need to try something that will solve the issues of today! Station Innvoation has had great success with our range of EcoSAT products and are much loved by station owners across the country. However we are often presented with the question:

  • What if I am a small property owner? 

  • What do you have in my price range?

Well now we have the answer! The EcoSAT Mini! This very compact product (180mm x 180mm) is roughly the size of a smoke detector, and just as easy to install. 

Supporting our most popular sensors, and backed by all of the online features:

  • View your levels any time on the website. Watch the trends

  • SMS & E-mail alerts 

  • Android and iOS app available

  • GPS included, and compatible with our online maps

Just hear what Courtney of WA has to say "Eco Sat Blue working wonders on farm! Detected unusual water usage within 10 days of installation with an alert text."

To order yours today simply get in touch by filling out the form below or call us on

1300 781 134



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