Remote Water tank Monitoring 
via Satellite

EcoSAT is a flexible product which can monitor, or control anything!

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The EcoSAT Gold is our premium water tank monitor. Nothing has been left out on this model. Complete with Satellite, UHF and Bluetooth communications inside you can be confident this product will work where you need it to.



  • Irrigation Channels

  • Gates, Traps and Trap counters

  • Wind Speed & Direction

  • Temperature & Humidity

Water Tank Monitoring Graph

other features


  • Automate Generators, Pumps and more to keep things just how you want them

  • Automation based on direct inputs, or the inputs of other EcoSAT units near by


  • Get the app today!

  • Available for iOS and Android

Save Money​!

  • One EcoSAT GOLD can support multiple GREEN EcoSAT units meaning lower usage fees and monthly costs. ​

  • Up to 10kms (line-of-sight) between EcoSAT Units

EcoSAT Mapping


Every reading of your water tank includes a GPS position. 

On the website get an instant overview of your property with the location of any potential hazards in seconds. 

  • Easy to use

  • Email, SMS, and even voice alerts

  • Set the system up to get the notifications you need, exactly how you need them!

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