We rely A LOT on EcoSAT! Rob, from Southern NSW has an EcoSAT BLUE and 3 EcoSAT GREENs operating  together. "It is doing the job FOR us" he says. Now there is nowhere near as much time and effort spent like before EcoSAT he says. "I reccomend it to everyone I speak to about water, these tank monitoring systems are all the go"


RURALEC Electrical

RURALEC Electricial contactor moulamein NSW

Added Value! I have installed a few EcoSAT units now. My clients can really see the benefit of being informed and up top date with the issues they are facing. The EcoSAT product has been a great addition to a number of pumping stations RURALEC setup. The guys in the bush really love getting an SMS or Voice call when there is a problem and it can be the difference between fixing a problem and wearing a big cost.

Easy to Install! I'll have to admit, when I first considered EcoSAT I thought that it might take a bit to get one going. But even the first unit I installed, would have taken no more than 10 minutes to setup. Their support staff really helped me to set up the notifications I wanted. 

Versatile! I found EcoSAT to be very versatile in the range of things it can monitor and control. This is important to us because not every setup is the same and people only want to know what's useful.

Tullundunna Cattle Station

Game changing! Peta Hanna and her family from Central Queensland use the EcoSAT product to monitor their properties which are 180kms apart making it impossible to check daily. For them EcoSAT is piece of mind.

Click to watch the video and hear what Peta has to say about EcoSAT.

Noogilla Cattle Company

Top Quality! Ken of Noogilla Cattle Co. says EcoSAT works very well in remote locations! Service is of a very high standard and is very personal. 




Problem free since installation! 


Simon of Park Gate says that EcoSAT has provided him with "piece of mind knowing that essential water infrastructure is operating correctly"

EcoSAT "Saves time not having to inspect monitored water as often"

Save money and get more with the EcoSAT GREEN.

With the addition of an EcoSAT GREEN Simon can monitor more points at only a fraction of the monthly fee. Even link them together to automate a nearby (10kms life of sight) pump. The video below explains how this works on our website.