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Vehicle & Personnel Satellite Tracking Devices

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With the unique integration of multiple satellite tracking devices on one easy-to-use website, Station Innovation allows you to choose the one that's right for you! Without having to log into multiple websites, See it all in one location.

Each tracking device on the market has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. With EcoSAT you are not limited to using one device across the board. Instead, use the right device for the job - and access it all in one place.

Over the past 15 years, we have seen a range of technology come and go. Many different devices could be useful to the farmer - so we've tried to include as many as we could. Here are just two examples. 

SPOT TRACE tracking integrated with EcoSAT remoe monitoring

The SPOT TRACE(™) is a newly released product from SPOT. However, unlike the regular SPOT devices, you see in your camping and fishing stores, when purchased through Station Innovation our SPOT devices will appear on your map alongside your EcoSAT remote monitoring sensors. View your personnel and watering points at the same time.


This matchbox-sized device uses 4xAAA batteries and an optional external power source. Installation is as easy as sitting it on your dashboard and the satellite network will do the rest for you. 

SmartOne vehicle tracking system integratd with EcoSAT remote monitoig

This purpose-built satellite tracker is made to mount on top of any vehicle or moving asset. The rugged waterproof design can withstand the harshest of conditions providing you with constant position updates on your staff and vehicles. 

The in-built antenna means that the SmartOne(™) can be installed easily in under 10 minutes and power is provided by both 4xAAs and vehicle power when available. 

Combining these trackers with your EcoSAT monitoring hardware means that you will have all the information at your fingertips.

EcoSAT remote monitoring - satellite and mobile water tank level monitoring

Tel: 1300 781 134


Pure Simplicity.  All the user configured data gathered by ecosat from the sensors in the field is then sent via satellite to the QuickSmart™ Map & Web platform. Gain instant Intelligence by simply logging into your own personal site and accessing a map of your property displaying a live representation of your fixed and moving assets & Staff.  Your ecosat has a GPS built in, so it knows where it is at all times - automatically locating itself on your map. Accessing QuickSmart means  you can utilise the map drawing tools, change sensor parameters, name your assets, place Icons, plan changes and a vast host of other capabilities, such as:

SCAN and SEE  the condition of your watering points & storage tanks live. Know the status of your whole property map in seconds (tanks, troughs & electric fences).

MONITOR and DIRECT static and live activity (i.e. watch your staff or UAV move or fly around) Direct firefighting personnel and plant, guide someone to a water fill point, direct new staff on a bore run etc, all from an office environment.

TRAVEL whenever you want, you can still check your property and stay in control. Remotely set your devices to take care of things while your away.

PRIORITISE a run to an alarming water point or have the freedom to do a town trip, knowing that all is well on your property. Optimise your plans for the day, increasing time efficiency

LAYER your property infrastructure layouts and choose from a large selection of icons to reveal the location of a single point object such as a fuel pump, or helipad etc.

SNAPSHOT your property as a record in time of the infrastructure you have today, for easy use tomorrow.


Tel: 1300 781 134


530 Stuart Hwy

Winnellie NT 0820


398 Taylor Street

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8 Fogarty St

Alice Springs NT 0870

We are here to help!  For more information about our products or services you can email or call us today and one of our helpful staff will assist you. Having someone there to help you at each step of the way is an important part of getting the most out of your Ecosat. We pride ourselves on being helpful, friendly, and available when you need us.

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