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FARM SECURITY.  This new product, available to Station Innovation, offers farm security without the pain of having to download your SD card full of images. We've even removed the need to trawl through the images one by one. Instead, images are automatically sent over the mobile network to your web login for easy viewing. The included GPS easily tells you which images were taken where, and the EcoSAT system includes the ability to automatically detect people, vehicles cattle, and more using our advanced image recognition system. 

MOTION-ACTIVATED.  The sensitive PIR sensor detects motion and triggers the camera - sending the images to your web login. 

NIGHT VISION.  Powerful IR LEDs on the front provide up to 20m of illumination in the dark. 

3G/4G.  Using the mobile data network images are uploaded without the need to retrieve an SD card and download the images manually. 

ADVANCED SECURITY.  Even if your SD card or camera are stolen, images are sent to the website allowing you to capture everything easily. 

TEMPERATURE  sensors inside allow for environmental tracking. Battery warnings are also generated when the device's battery starts to get low. 

GPS TAGGING  All images are tagged with the GPS location allowing you to view each image in the location it was taken using the map view.

POWERFUL FEATURES.  Our engineers have worked hard to offer this feature-rich camera in the EcoSAT system. Coupled with the online features it's easy to see what was happening, where it happened, and when. 

MMS DIRECT.  Easily configure the system to MMS the images straight to your phone when vehicles, people, cattle, and more are detected in your images. 

Belevar Camera

CONTACT STATION INNOVATION Today to discuss how these products can work for you, and don't forget that you can easily combine these cameras with our very own, Australian-designed and made remote monitoring system EcoSAT. 

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