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Watch the Video

Watch this short video and see how easy it really is!
  • Plugin your sensor

    • No matter what sensor you are using simple insert it into any of the ports on your EcoSAT

    • Tighten up the thread and it's ready to go. ​

    • If you are using a sensor such as an electric fence or water level sensor they will need to be set up accordingly. ​​

  • Take the top cover off

    • There are 4 screws on the top lid that hold it in place stopping the lid from being knocked off by cattle or blown off in the wind.

    • The screws are located under the four clip-off covers pictured on the right.

    • Remove the screws and the lid will simply lift off.

    • Stop the unit from going anywhere by screwing or bolting it down using pre-drilled holes

    • Complete metalwork mounting kits are available to make this easier, but the standard installation does not require it.

  • Switch the unit on

    • Under the cover, there is a switch to power the unit.

    • Switch it to the on position and the unit will beep to indicate it has powered up.


  • Replace the cover

    • Reinstall the four fixing screws and clip-on dust caps. ​

Make EcoSAT Work for you!

EcoSAT is designed for everyone. You don't need to be in the office all day - get notified on the go!

  • Receive SMS notifications to your phone, on the hour or when it happens

  • Get email notifications on your phone or office computer.​

  • Have a robotic voice caller tell you in person where the problem is.


An alarms has been detected on 'main cattle trough'.

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