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Build your own network


Tank level monitor

Easily monitor your tank levels at a fraction of the cost. By installing a gateway (Pictured above) in your home or office you can get lower monthly fees by using your own internet to connect your sensors with our website. 

Access all the same great online features:

  • Alerts by Email, SMS and Voice calls

  • Watch to make sure your levels are trending in the right direction

  • Online mapping and property management

  • Super easy to install and comes with its own cradle


Sensor included! Simply place the sensor in the tank, all the way to the bottom and that's it!


Pump Automation

Combine your tank monitor with online automation by using the LT-22222. Complete with easy to install output relay options this product allows you to remotely start and stop your pump. 

Suitable for use with:

  • Solar pumps and controllers

  • 240v and 3-phase mains powered pumps

Watch our video here to see how easy the setup is!



Smart water meters are a great way to get the next level of information. Capable of measuring flow in both directions, as well as:

  • Back pressure

  • Total volume

  • Instentaneous flow rate

  • Water temperature, and

  • Lots more!

Available in sizes from 50mm to 300mm. Comes with a flange fitting with adaptors available to connect with standard rural poly.


GPS Cattle Tags

LoRaWAN UHF cattle tags provide GPS tracking of your animals

  • Requires LoRaWAN gateway

  • Up to 24 position updates per day

    • depends on solar and battery state

  • Geo-fence boundary function available with the EcoSAT website.


  • Get notified when animals are not where they are meant to be


Station Innovation now offers LoRaWAN devices

The ever-increasing range of LoRaWAN devices means that we can now offer even more solutions in one place. With lower ongoing fees than ever before you can now add a LoRaWAN gateway to your home, office or shed providing instant LoRaWAN coverage to sensors up to 1km away. Just a few examples include:

  • Tank and trough monitoring

  • Temperature and humidity 

  • Industrial application monitoring (Power meters, smart pumps, etc.)

  • Water meters and pressure sensors

  • Full weather stations

Station Innovation can assist you in building your network. Ask us how today 1300-781-134


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