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​The perfect companion for remote sensing
& automation!


EcoSAT includes a fully integrated automation control function allowing it to make decisions on the ground in near-real-time. This is further supported by our online services which allow EcoSAT to go beyond the limitations of distance, terrain, and processing power with the full backing of our network of web servers to ensure your application requirements can be met. 

  • MODBUS/SCADA compatible as both a master and slave

    • Connect to any MODBUS capable sensor, pump, generator, and more. (Master or slave)

  • Programmable automation includes an in-built real-time clock for time-sensitive applications

  • Independent analog, digital, counter, and frequency inputs remove the need for additional PLCs

  • Integrated power supply and solar charger

Watch our YouTube video to see how easy setting up the automation really is! Link here!

Click here for details about the EcoSATs more advanced capabilities.

Moving our processing water 45kms to where we need it.

Last week Amm John Engineer Tate Milner successfully completed the water system upgrade at the Peculiar Knob Iron Ore Mine located in Northern South Australia.


This involved commissioning a second bore and transfer pump station in conjunction with an upgrade to the entire control system. This system upgrade allows for full automation of the pumping system including satellite remote monitoring and control. The completed system is now capable of meeting the full water demand of the mine, facilitating the transition from ore crushing and haulage to full mine operation.

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