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Made in Australia

EcoSAT members Sylvester Obed and Christopher Glanville go through the making of an EcoSAT in Yarrawonga, Darwin

Manufacturing in Australia has had its challenges, but it's something that Station Innovation are committed to. At our Darwin based factory all EcoSAT products are assembled, tested and shipped with the most stringent quality control regimes we can come up with. Since the EcoSAT product is something we have invented, designed and built ourselves, you can't just give it a quick look over and be confident that everything will be right.

As well as developing the EcoSAT system itself, early on we had to develop our own set of test procedures, however this quickly became a task that chewed up all of the guys time. We had to adapt changing things so that the 100+ checks and balances to be performed could be better managed. It was impossible for anyone to keep going with the old way of doing things. Today Station Innovation manages its own custom made software which simply plugs into any EcoSAT unit and in around 20 minutes performing all 100 checks. This ensures that every connection and every function is thoroughly tested before being shipped.

I think all Station Innovation management would consider themselves to be Australian patriots, and having an Australian made product is something that all staff and users can feel proud to support. We are currently manufacturing it batches of 60 units, which is our highest yet and we believe that this is largely due to the high standard of manufacturing our guys in Darwin are producing. Sylvester (pictured above) is our head of manufacturing in Darwin. Occasionally people ask to visit the factory and Syl is only to happy to show people the work that goes on there. He is proud to show people the origins of each EcoSAT unit and with so many positive stories Syl often welcomes the visit.

The EcoSAT manufacturing enclosure line up - waiting to be tested and shipped

EcoSAT Enclosures partially assembled - waiting to be finished, tested and shipped

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