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"The Beauty of the EcoSAT"

In December 2020, one of our clients received a text notification from EcoSAT informing them that the water tank levels were lower than anticipated. This news was especially unwelcome given the hot summer weather. Click on the video link below to witness how EcoSAT BLUE came to their rescue.

"Well done EcoSAT, it saved us about a metre and a half of water in the tank" - Tyson

Thankfully for the EcoSAT BLUE, Tyson was able to figure out the issue before it drained his water tank anymore. It would have been a huge disaster if he wasn't alerted about the falling water levels. Thank you Tyson for your generous feedback!

Tyson uses his assortment of EcoSAT BLUE and EcoSAT GREEN products to oversee the water tanks and troughs across his property, ensuring that the water tank levels levels are properly monitored and maintained.

Would you love to be able to monitor your water tanks and troughs levels? Give Station Innovation a call today on 1300-781-134.


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