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Is remote monitoring really useful?

It's a fair question really, and to be perfectly honest it isn't for everybody. In fact there are a large number of properties that manage just fine without it, but my guess is that if you are reading this then that's probably not you. Many people manage just fine for a long time without any remote monitoring, let alone automation but then all of a sudden you may have this one tank or fence or pump or anything else that is really giving you trouble.

Now I won't give you the 'piece of mind' speech because nobody knows your property like you do! But remote monitoring is a management tool, just like any other. It can let you do the things you really need to. Its about being able to get on with it when you cant be everywhere at once. To spend the time on the things you want to get done, instead of being dragged around from one emergency to another.

Not only this, but your often tied to your property. Trips into town and further have to be carefully planned around stock, mustering and weather conditions. But imagine if you could come and go freely, both on and off your property knowing where the issues are, how bad they are and in some cases if you have automation - even knowing that they are being looked after for you.

That's remote monitoring in a nut shell and where it starts for most people. Having watched many people now go through the steps from that nervous first unit to almost not wanting to add a tank or fence without one, and its good to know that your not just buying another piece of consumer electronics that is going to bite the dust in a couple of weeks. Instead you're investing in a system designed for station work. Designed to look after one tank, or all your tanks. Designed to take the hot sun.

Its a decision that ultimately is up to you. But there are more and more introductory products available now, such as the EcoSAT basic, that can give you a bit of an idea as to what you're in for without having to invest straight away in the EcoSAT GOLD.

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