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Automatically Turning your Taps

Recently in Central NSW we were approached to see if instead of turning a pump or engine on and off we could instead turn the tap on and off. This particular property gets its stock water from the local water scheme and so the pump and water supply isn't really their problem. However automatically, and remotely (if needed) turning the valve on is what they were looking for.

With the control outputs available to the EcoSAT product this wasn't a problem (In theory). The only issue was to find a solenoid control valve that wouldn't flatten the battery. By using a solenoid control valve specifically the EcoSAT only has to pulse the valve on, and pulse it off meaning that in between time no power is used. This allows the EcoSAT to do exactly what the customer wanted without any additional accessories (external power, chargers, batteries or even a larger than normal solar panel).

Electronic tap valve installed on EcoSAT turning on and off water automatically, wirelessly and remotely

Most of the setup was completed before the EcoSAT was shipped to the customer. All we really needed to know was the tank level at which the valve should open and begin filling the tank, and where it should shut off again. Minor adjustments after this can be easily made on the website and downloaded into the EcoSAT allowing it to make snap descisions without the interaction of anyone, but of course if you want to force it open or closed, you can.

The picture below shows that the customer added a condition that would only allow the valve to operate between 7AM and 5PM - making sure that there was enough water perssure at home for the garden and other things.

EcoSAT Automation setup and configuration page

Now all they needed to do was sit back and watch the system take care of things for him. The detailed graph below shows the tank level fluctuating slightly and the valve operating from first thing in the morning to top the tank up again finishing its fill before lunch time.

Historical information showing the valve operating and tank refilling

Water coming in after EcoSAT ha turned the tap on

It's a good feeling when water is flowing!

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