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EcoSAT - Australian Made

Station Innovation recently registered our Australian made and designed product - EcoSAT - for the jumping kangaroo logo. We are very proud to show off our new registration at:

Station Innovation has understood the challenges of remote telemetry right from our beginnings back in 2012. Small yet significant choices were made back in 2012, like the descision to include 'anaconda' (A flexible steel conduit) on all our sensors, cables and accessories making it resistant to cattle and pests. Being a quality, rhobust product, EcoSAT has demonstrated that we can last the distance in the 'Outback'.

The EcoSAT product has grown in popularity since its beginnings, and is now starting to take on more advanced applications such as pump automation. We are helping more industries than ever bore, not just for farming but also in mining, environmental services and even local council and government. Ask us today how we can help you. Ph: 1300-781-134


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