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"How Can EcoSAT Remote Water Tank Monitors Keep You Connected and Informed?"

Many water tank monitoring systems face issues due to their exposed connections and wires being vulnerable to the harsh Australian conditions. Over time, they deteriorate from heat and UV damage as they are constructed from a weak compound without adequate protection. When these systems fail, it can lead to water shortages for your cattle or even cause your tailings dam to dry up, impacting the environment.

The WEIPU connector system is utilised in all EcoSAT water tank monitoring units. It features a solid metal body that is UV stabilised and has an IP 67 rating. Additionally, all cabling is enclosed in Anaconda for protection against environmental factors and pests, ensuring maximum protection and long-term reliability.

Modern technology, particularly devices manufactured and designed abroad without considering Australian conditions, may face challenges due to the harsh operating conditions in Australia. Factors like extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, and dust can affect the efficiency and lifespan of the remote water tank level monitor.

At EcoSAT, we believe in delivering quality products and services. We understand that in life, you often receive what you invest in. Therefore, why compromise with inferior connections and inexpensive cables that may not offer the level of security and assurance provided by our WEIPU connectors and cabling with Anaconda protective casing?

Basic plastic connectors and wiring are inadequate. The last thing you want is to discover dead cattle or have to drive 50 km on poor roads just to inspect broken wiring. For a mining company, inaccurate dam readings can have severe consequences on production and the environment.

EcoSAT is proudly created, designed, and owned in Australia!

WEIPU connector IP67
WIEPU flange Panel receptacle with cap IP67

EcoSAT Blue (4G) as displayed


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