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Satellite monitoring, with capability! Monitor the water levels of tanks, toughs and much more. Automate and expand with the EcoSAT GREEN

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The cost effective solution for those with mobile coverage. Automated wireless water tank level monitoring. Also monitors tank, troughs and more. Expand with the EcoSAT GREEN.

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More monitoring of water levels means more monthly fees, right? WRONG! Add an EcoSAT GREEN to your property at a fraction of the cost. 

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The EcoSAT EARTH is the beginners answer. Not sure where to start, then start here. Economical, capable, and simple!

water tank monitoring

Satellite, mobile or UHF remote monitoring of your water tanks & troughs.


Integrated hand held SPOT trackers suitable for quads, motorbikes, horses, vehicles & Choppers

electric fences monitoring

Get notified of electric fence faults.  E-Mail & SMS alarms activate when your electric fence is cut.

monitor gates and fences

Monitor the integrity of your boundaries and stock. Keep unwanted criminals or poachers out.  If a gate is opened, you will know!

ecosat apps

Download our EcoSAT app from your apps store to access your data easily. Bluetooth to your device for extra options.

water tank monitoring

Remotely control and monitor generators, motors, pumps, irrigation, actuators and MORE. Use accurate tank level control to start and stop your pumps, engines and elecronic flow valves.

geofence assets

Fix a tracker to your moving assets (Machinery, Vehicles, Aircraft etc).  Monitoring their status and location increases safety for operators.  Get notified when your assets are on the move!

my john deere

EcoSAT notifications and alarms are now available in the My John Deere operations centre

Satellite tank monitoring - and much more!  EcoSAT is a flexible product on which you can monitor, or control anything. EcoSAT includes a very powerful set of sensor connections that allow it to be used as a simple tank monitoring system, or when the time comes it can easily be adapted to something new, such as an automatic water pump control system. Remote and wireless water tank level monitoring is just one simple application where EcoSAT could be used. However, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Simply remove one sensor, and install another to use your EcoSAT for tank water levels monitoring today, and cattle counting tomorrow. Contact Station Innovation today to discuss your needs. 

Satellite, Mobile Data, UHF!  No matter where you are located, from urban and rural Victoria, to central Australia, we have a cost effective solution for everyone. The EcoSAT product is made to include whatever communications you need to keep you in touch with your property. Check out our products page for a full list of solutions, and to see which products are right for you. Station Innovation started over 15 years ago with satellite tank monitoring and now is so much more. You'll be amazed at what's possible. 


Pure Simplicity.  All the user configured data gathered by ecosat from the sensors in the field is then sent via satellite to the QuickSmart™ Map & Web platform. Gain instant Intelligence by simply logging into your own personal site and accessing a map of your property displaying a live representation of your fixed and moving assets & Staff.  Your ecosat has a GPS built in, so it knows where it is at all times - automatically locating itself on your map. Accessing QuickSmart means  you can utilise the map drawing tools, change sensor parameters, name your assets, place Icons, plan changes and a vast host of other capabilities, such as:

SCAN and SEE  the condition of your watering points & storage tanks live. Know the status of your whole property map in seconds (tanks, troughs, cameras & electric fences).

MONITOR and DIRECT static and live activity (i.e. watch your staff or UAV move or fly around) Direct firefighting personnel and plant, guide someone to a water fill point, direct new staff on a bore run etc, all from an office environment.

DESIGN your property layouts, draw & measure paddock sizes, fence-lines etc. Draw in existing irrigation runs or plan new water management, infrastructure & land features. Draw land features and infrastructure on your interactive map as you get time. Insert Icons onto your smart map to identify features such as cattle yards, gates, centre pivot irrigation, power lines, water pipes, dams, paddocks, erosion areas etc.

PRIORITISE a run to an alarming water point or have the freedom to do a town trip, knowing that all is well on your property. Optimise your plans for the day, increasing time efficiency

LAYER your property infrastructure layouts and choose from a large selection of icons to reveal the location of a single point object such as a fuel pump, or helipad etc.

TRAVEL whenever you want, you can still check your property and stay in control. Remotely set your devices to take care of things while your away.

PRINT off map directions for workers or mustering helicopter pilots at the push of a button

SNAPSHOT your property as a record in time of the infrastructure you have today, for easy use tomorrow.


How is it installed?
  • Plug in your sensor

  • Take the top cover off, switch the unit on and fix in place with a bolt or screw

    • Complete metalwork mounting kits are available to make this easier​

  • Replace the cover

  • Click here to read more

How do I find the tank level?
  • Log into the EcoSAT website. When you buy your first unit you will be given a username and password

  • Choose to receive email, SMS, MMS or voice call notification

    • These can be at a specific time of the day, or when something happens such as your water levels are low​

  • Download the iOS or Android apps to receive notifications on your phone

How do I make changes?
  • Everything is fully configurable from the EcoSAT website

  • You can make all the changes yourself online at any time

  • Call our helpful support staff 1300-781-134

  • Email the support staff 

How to know which EcoSAT to buy?
  • If you have mobile coverage the EcoSAT BLUE is probably the one to go for

  • For those without any mobile coverage, the GOLD or EcoSAT BASIC are the products you need.

  • The GREEN versions are only for adding more water tank monitors to your property when you already have a GOLD or BLUE EcoSAT

  • The EcoSAT BASIC is a great stand along water tank monitoring system


Simple Installation and simple operation.  Ecosat is designed to plug and play in around 10 minutes without expertise.  It can be easily moved between troughs, gates, pumps etc as required and you can recieve updates almost immediately.


The Station Innovation Team have worked hard to make the purchase and monthly data cost of ecosat affordable. An excellent return on investment for you is the best word of mouth promotion we can hope for. Monthly data plans can be tailored to suit your needs.


No matter your level of expertise, our support staff are here to help you! Whether you are tech wiz or a beginner the EcoSAT system is as simple or advanced as you need it to be. If you ever need help just give our friendly staff a call any time, we are here to help!


You as a Primary Producer have different needs to your neighbour and this is why ecosat has been designed with versatility, Configurability & Expandability so you can tailor your Property Management System to YOUR needs rather than a biscuit cutter approach.  You can set the parameters of when you want to be contacted by text or email or how an alarm is displayed on your QuickSmart Station Map.


Ecosat is your eyes and ears on the ground. An invaluable asset when you have got a number of jobs on the go. It not only saves time and money, its piece of mind.


When you invest in Ecosat you not only get all the benefits of remote monitoring, you also get the experience we have gained over the past 15 years with using technology in the field. Built tough, to withstand the harshest of conditions! 



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We are here to help!  For more information about our products or services you can email or call us today and one of our helpful staff will assist you. Having someone there to help you at each step of the way is an important part of getting the most out of your Ecosat. We pride ourselves on being helpful, friendly and available when you need us.


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